The Side Hustler Checklist ✔️

The Side Hustler Checklist ✔️

Hi friends,

With this checklist, you will know the nitty-gritty behind what goes into the making of a side-hustler and a creator.

Of course, each of these points can have an article of its own (and I’m working on compiling my existing articles around the creator economy and freelancing), but I’ve tried to add as many details as possible to give you clarity on the direction of your journey. These things personally helped me drastically.

And if you don’t know me...I’m Niharikaa! It’s so lovely to meet you :)

I quit my 9-5 in July 2021 and in December 2020 I wrote a goal to quit before I turn 25. I started side-hustling in November 2020 and am self-employed right now. I’ve been awarded the top-writer status 20 times on Medium across categories and joined Twitter in June 2021, where I’m growing dramatically.

My purpose is to help people live better lives, whether it’s by self-improvement articles (where everything I write about is tried and tested), ebooks, guides, or courses.

I hope you enjoy this and I’d love to hear from you once you finish it. Go on, crush it!


Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi


A skill to improve/ learn

Learn from ⬇️

Online courses


A medium for that skill
Choosing one platform

Name that platform:

Choosing one social network (will help build your personal brand)

Name that platform:

Choosing the right platform is important. I had to delete an account with over 11,000 Instagram followers because I wanted to write and not be too visual.


Find Models

(beneficial if you also aspire to be a creator)

Find 3 people who are doing what you want to do
Read about their journeys
What were their failures?
What helped?
What sucked?
How did they combat hard times?
Present strategies
Present routines

Make YOUR routine now
What time works the best?
Late afternoon
Before I sleep

Feel free to break the tasks depending on your convenience. During my 9-5, I worked 1h before work and 1h after work. Right now, I edit in the morning, write in the afternoon or evening and write ideas before I sleep.

Productivity checklist
Written Goals
Monthly target
Weekly milestones to get closer to the target
Weekly reflection on weekends
How was my week?
What was great?
What didn’t work as planned?
What will I do next week?
Taking out time to learn/ polish the skill
Taking enough rest


Yes or No?
If yes
Create Upwork profile (or Fiverr)
Prepare a proposal (this video helped me)
Cold DM people on LinkedIn
Pro tip: check out their business, find an issue (e.g. your copywriting can be better on ‘about me page’) and suggest a solution in the DM - much better random cold DMs!
No - focussing on just creating

Free and easy
Monetise your newsletter with Swapstack
Use Hypefury affiliate link if you’re a member
Do you use apps that pay you for sign-ups? Use their referral links.
Skillshare if you’re a member.
Medium referral links
Tough ones - work by putting time/money and becoming more credible
If you enrol into a course, hit up the course creator and ask for an affiliate link. The worst answer is just a no, which isn’t so bad. (My Summit 21 course members have an option to become affiliates if they enjoyed the course)
Email the cofounder (that's how I got a 20% off on Hypefury membership without being a member)

Creating Channels

These channels pay you for watching/ reading minutes.

Become a Creator

The creator economy is booming! There’s no better time to be a creator. Here’s the path for the same.

Find/ work on a skill
Showcase that skill on a platform for long
Be consistent (algorithms love consistency)
Engage with others in a similar niche

This will help you:

  • Create better work (because consistency)
  • Build an audience (because consistency, again)
  • Build relationships
  • Add value and gain credibility
  • Have more fun!
  • Learn from others
  • Building in public = direct feedback

Pro tip: I publish 17-20 articles/ month on Medium, and schedule my tweets at 7-10 tweets/day for the week (takes an hour or two). This has helped me a lot so far!

Realities to form peace with

I will not be obsessed with stats
I will increase my quantity as I improve the quality
Traction takes time, easy 6-12 months. I will work for one year even with zero money and views.
Instead of whining about my work not getting traction or criticising the platform, I will find the weak points and work on them.
My first 50 videos/articles will probably be shit, but it’s a learning phase.
I will celebrate wins! Every one follower, client, and $ is a big big deal!

Helpful Reads

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