Webflow checklist  ✔️

Webflow checklist ✔️

Go through all this checklist before publishing your new Webflow website. This will ensure you forget nothing, from design to functionality.

Setup settings

Design and add a 32x32 pixels favicon
Design and add a 256x256 pixels webclip to your website (from settings)
Remove Webflow's branding (from settings)
Add SSL option
Add hosting plan
Add domain name
Add analytics code to your website (from settings ⇒ analytics) and make sure new traffic is tracked (real time visitors)
Set the website's language


Write a meta title with relevant keywords and description for SEO (from page settings in designer)
Check proper semantic structure: H1 and HTML5 semantic tags (<article>, <details>, <main>, etc...)
Design and add an image to Open Graph for social media
Add ALT tags to all images

UX design

Make sure each page has a clear call-to-action (avoid multiple primary CTAs)
Make sure company logo is linked to homepage
Spell check punctuation, spelling and have someone else spell check the website
Get feedback from 3 on the .webflow.io version

UI Design

Check for consistent fonts, colors, spacing
Customize empty states (404, empty CMS collection)
Customize error states in forms
Customize success states in forms
Make sure each button has a hover state


Try the website from your phone, on Chrome and safari
Check responsive score with Google's Mobile-Friendly test
Try the website from a tablet


Test the conversion path yourself, in an anonymous window
Fill in the forms
If payments (ecommerce or stripe) enabled, try to make a purchase
Scour for broken links with crawler
Open all links to see if any is broken


Test website load speed
Compress images
Remove console.log() messages left
Add Hotjar to collect visual feedback


Link Webflow forms to Zapier
Test zaps automations
Edit custom email in Webflow settings
Add Crisp to chat with website visitors


Build anticipation for new website with teasers, 3 weeks, 1 week and 1 day before
Post new website on LinkedIn
Post new website on Awwwards and CSS Awards
Send an email to existing database and newsletter recipients
Share website on Slack channels
Write a press release, share a week before to list of journalists

Handoff website to client

Add client as collaborator in settings
Set up client billing
Film and share Loom recording to demo the editor interface
If english-speaking, send them the Webflow editor guide
Schedule 30 minutes call to onboard client
add one item to CMS collection together
edit a text together
edit an image together
Follow up 1 week and 1 month later for feedback