Tips for Remote Teaching

Tips for Remote Teaching

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There are a lot of teachers that are doing their best to completely flip their classrooms from in-person to distance learning in record time and with very little training. Below I decided to start to aggregate some resources to help get them up and running as quickly as possible. I have focused mainly on K-12, but there is information here that would apply to everyone.


Tips for building on online community (1)
Low-income families without internet (1)
Setting up remote office hours (1)

Video Conference

Training Material (1)
Video Conferencing using Zoom (1)
Having fun with Zoom (1)
Ideas for Student Engagement using Zoom (1)
Drawing and writing math on virtual whiteboards (1)
Audio and Video Issues (1)
Zoom Security & Compliance (1)
Video Conference Accessibility (WCAG) (1)

Making Videos

Video Lectures: Tips & Tricks (1)
Screen Recording (1)

Simulations & Manipulatives

Remote science labs (1)
Virtual Manipulatives (1)


Debugging issues with Software (1)
Recommended Reading (1)
Helpful Resources (1)
Interesting Products (1)

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